Don’t ‘Sabatoge’ your plans with this movie

The level of testosterone and the macho attitudes, combined with a poorly written script, makes the new movie “Sabotage” absolutely awful.

Director David Ayer presents a story about an elite Drug Enforcement Agency task force whose sole purpose is to capture cartel leaders and take down huge drug organizations. The squad consists of prior criminals, drug abusers, and soldiers.

A single drug raid leads to an investigation as it appears that $10 million was stolen from the raid. The investigation of the team creates further conflict as the DEA searches for the money, who stole the money and the motive behind the theft. The blood, strip clubs, guns, and violence are over the top.

The fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the male lead of the intense DEA task force does not help the film at all. Even if viewers can put aside Schwarzenegger’s dreadful acting, they still might not even understand what the actor is saying throughout the 109 minutes of movie nonsense.

The scenes in which members of the crew are tortured and killed make the movie even more unappealing and awful to watch. The body count is high and absolutely gruesome as the brutality and clich?©d aggression by macho enforcers is graphic and dramatic.

The cast is includes a few good actors and actresses who are part of the DEA task force, which consists of Monster (Sam Worthington), Lizzy (Mireille Enos), Neck (Josh Holloway), Sugar (Terrence Howard), Pyro (Max Martini), Tripod (Kevin Vance), and Caroline (Olivia Williams). Their acting is decent, but it does not elevate the film’s script.

There are too many punches thrown, too much blood splattered and far too much masculinity exploding through the atrocious movie. Profanity substitutes for entertaining dialogue.

Viewers might sit through the film in hopes that “Sabotage” will eventually get better, but sorry to say, it doesn’t. Truly, I was on the verge of walking out during the middle of the film because it was that bad.

“Sabotage” hit theaters on March 28, but trust me when I say that it will not be worth viewers’ time to view this ridiculously brutal and dreadful film.

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Author: Staff Writer

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