Crisis’ is anything but

If your parents were some of the most affluent and powerful people in the country, would they risk it all if your safety was compromised? NBC finally delivered a powerful and captivating new drama Sunday, March 16 at 10 p.m., after various new series quickly made it to the cut list after only a few episodes (wink, wink “Do No Harm”). “Crisis” is an enthralling, action-packed, and highly questionable new series that I hope stays around as I had more questions than I thought I would have after viewing the pilot episode.

As a bus full of young students are on route to a school trip, their bus suddenly stops as they witness Secret Service agent Marcus Finley shot by a compromised Secret Service agent. As Agent Finley is left for, what the hijackers assume, dead, the students and adult trip advisors are immediately held at gunpoint, forced into a truck, and drugged as they are taken to an unknown location. While this is all occurring, Agent Finley quickly grabs Anton Roth as they run on foot to safety. The kidnapped students are not ordinary by any means, many of their parents are Washington, D.C.’s elite, including the son of the U.S. President and Meg Fitch’s daughter. Fitch is the figurehead of a dominant business corporation. In Fitch’s desperation, she informs Susie Dunn, her FBI agent sister whom she’s lost contact with over many years, about the abduction. But not everything is as simple as that… When Thomas Gibson accompanies the trip to his daughter’s disdain, he plays the role of an innocent and scared father among the group of kids, but when as the episode’s minutes unfold is Gibson one of the masterminds behind the kidnapping?

Crisis took me on many twists and turns. There are various moments that scare you, make you want to cry, and experience other unpleasant emotions. But, it kept my attention and made me want to watch more. With big names like Dermot Mulroney, known for his role in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, playing Thomas Gibson, Gillian Anderson, of “The X-Files”, as Meg Fitch, and Rachel Taylor, of “Transformers”, portraying Susie Dunn, it’s hard to pass up on a television show with good acting. I highly suggest you give “Crisis” a chance. I do find the target audience in mind isn’t our generation, but it makes you think what would you do if “your children” were in harm’s way.

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