Students strategize to create perfect schedules

Making a good schedule can make or break your semester. With registration rapidly approaching, students are getting ready for the hectic time in hopes of getting the classes they so desperately want and are trying not to get too stressed while doing it.

To get the most out of their schedule selection, students tend to look for classes that are both engaging and will help them succeed without being detrimental to their GPA. As sophomore diplomacy and international relations major Lucas Della Ventura said, “It is all about balance” when preparing for registration and picking out classes.

When searching for classes to take, students tend to look at the professors rather than the times, sometimes even taking that 8 a.m. class just because they want that specific professor. Junior social work major Alyssa Kimborough said that having an extremely knowledgeable professor keeps you engaged throughout that class.

Most students use to look up their potential professors before registering to see reviews and ratings of these instructors. The site lets students rate their professors on easiness and helpfulness and let them write comments to help other students succeed in the class, or to not take it at all. Most use this helpful site for finding a good class for the required credit they need to take for their school like Math or English.

Along with using the internet to find out about what professors to take, most students express that they find out through word of mouth about who to take for certain classes.

“I would rather hear from upperclassman about professor,” freshman psychology major Stephanie Koeller said. “People can write nasty things because they got a bad grade when deserved.”

When it comes to registration, students configure their schedules, meet with their advisors to obtain their pins, and stare at their computer screen until it is time to register. Although students keep in mind what time they are taking class to avoid overlaps with other classes, practices, internships and clubs they tend to outweigh it when it comes having a well-educated and helpful professors.

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Author: Amanda Boyer

Amanda is a senior public relations major graduating in December 2015, a semester earlier than the four-year track, from Hillsborough, NJ. Prior, she was the Photography Editor and now holds the postion of being the Social Media Manager of The Setonian. She is also a freelance photographer for on and off campus events. As a writer, she is also a contributor to, and

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