Is it formally spring yet?

Spring formal season is slowly approaching and that means a scramble for the perfect outfit! Due to the steep price of formal, many girls look for deals concerning their dresses. Forever21, Tobi, Charlotte Russe and sometimes Macy’s are safe bets to find a cheap, but stylish gown. To be really thrifty, girls may even look to their sisters to borrow dresses.

This year will be a mix of different styles. The most popular two are a short, loose empire waist dress and a peplum style dress.

Sophomore Shannen Delabar noted “Black will be the most popular color [for these dresses] because it’s flattering on everyone and it’s really easy to pair with different colored shoes or accessories.”

Thus, a simple black tie will be a perfect match in a date.

A brother from the Sigma Pi fraternity said he will expect his fellow brothers to wear a simple black suit; it depends on the color of the dates outfit but there will be a mixture of different colored bow ties and dress ties.

When we left the fall, mint was climbing to the top of the favorites list. The cool green color was on everything from phone cases to the custom Nike Swoosh. As we approach the end of March, we see this color at the height of its popularity. In the same vein come popular colors, like coral and lavender, among other bright, floral hues.

These brighter colors are increasing in popularity as the weather warms up for summer. They can be expected to come into play for spring formal as well. Exciting colors can spice up a simpler outfit (formal LBD) with statement jewelry, a vibrant high heel, or even an over-the-shoulder bag or clutch. Blazers are another way to incorporate bright colors or an interesting pattern.

There are some no-nos to dodge while spring shopping as well. Some things to avoid, according to, include colored diamonds and plaid. These can be cute but it is a better idea to lean toward the conservative side when incorporating them into an outfit; there is no reason to go overboard, people.

Formal or no formal, it is important to remember to have confidence in yourself! That is the key to the success of any fashion statement.

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Author: Emily Balan

Emily is the news editor for The Setonian and writes for the news section. She also writes for The Diplomatic Envoy where she holds the layout & copy editor position. She will be graduating in spring 2016 from the School of Diplomacy with a BS in diplomacy and international relations and a BA in philosophy, with minors in French and journalism.

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