GrooveBoston staff customizes show for unique SHU experience

Bright clothes, dark room, neon lights, loud music and two rocking DJs on stage. The pervasive energy throughout the room urges the crowd to jump to the beat with their hands in the air, making all the foot-stepping and accidental elbowing worthwhile.

GrooveBoston returned to Seton Hall for the fourth time with “Vitality,” a show the Seton Hall crowd had never seen before, and a show no one else will ever experience.

“The setup we have in there is the first and probably last time we’ll ever use that set up and the last time we’ll ever do this particular musical mix,” brand director Chris Dutton said.

“We take a lot of pride in customizing every show for every school we go to both musically and production wise,” he added.

Although you may have walked into the rec. center ready for the party, student volunteers helped build the set, hang lights and learn how the whole set comes together, according to Dutton.

For the first time at SHU, GrooveBoston recruited five students to wear GoPro head mounts the day of the event to capture the GrooveBoston journey and experience through the eyes of the students.

According to operations manager and DJ Adam Weisman, GrooveBoston is all about the audience.

“Our goals as DJs and keepers of the industry is to create an emotional journey that’s not about the person pressing the buttons on stage, but about what is the most awesome thing to listen to coming out of those speakers with your friends in this environment with everything going on,” Weisman said.

Freshman Sean Cully said GrooveBoston was a cool event to go to with friends and a place to meet new people, the only downfalls being crowding and pushing.

Production Director Ed Slapik said they approach their shows from many perspectives.

“We want the students to be happy, but we also understand that we need to have a positive influence on the school and the community,” Slapik said.

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