Traffic replaced, walk-in gates stay closed

The yield sign, among others, located at the main gate of the University seems to have been invisible to most people until it was recently replaced.

Over winter break, the yield sign in front of the sharp turn near Farinella Gate was replaced after being knocked over.

According to Sergio Oliva, assistant director of Public Safety, people thought it was a new sign “telling incoming traffic to slow down.”

Oliva said people tend to speed around the turn heading toward the main gate, which can be threatening to oncoming traffic and student pedestrians.

Freshman Christina Mendes said she always knew to yield and abide by that law, even when the sign was temporarily knocked down.

“I knew the yield sign was there, so I always abided by it,” Mendes said. “It is good that it is there because if it wasn’t there, cars might speed through the turn and not see oncoming traffic into the University.”

The yield sign is not the only thing students noticed that was different by the main gate.

Some have also noticed that the main gate itself has been closed, while normally it has remained open.

Oliva said that part of the reason the gate has been left closed is because of the snow and the other reason is for safety issues.

Many students walk through the drive-thru of the front gates to avoid swiping their ID, Oliva said.

According to Oliva, students who do this increase their chances of getting struck by a vehicle speeding through the entrance.

He said the gate is “unlocked but closed to expedite student traffic during daylight hours.”

Oliva said the lock is deactivated for safety reasons, as well.

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