Resurrection’ tests faith and logic

What if someone close to you that passed away just showed up at your doorstep alive, but not in zombie form, and looked just as they did after years of being gone? After much hype, the brand new family drama series “Resurrection” hit television screens on March 9 on ABC, and makes that a reality.

“Resurrection” is a mystery based television show that has viewers sitting at the edges of their seats the full hour it is on. The show began already with a bit of mystery when a young boy that goes by the name of Jacob (Landon Gimenez) is woken up in rural china, halfway across the world from his home in Arcadia, Missouri.

Throughout the pilot episode, many characters are introduced to us that tie into Jacob’s past as Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps) tries to figure out who this boy is, where he is from, and how he came back to life.

Although it was difficult to follow at first, the storyline of “Resurrection” is worth following to see what and why people are returning to this community in a small town in Missouri. Jacob is the start of many deceased people coming back and no one has any clue how he got there or how he is even alive, considering he died 32 years ago in a tragic accident with his Aunt.

“Some things happen in this world that are meant to test our faith,” proclaims Tom (Mark Hildreth), a childhood friend of Jacob, to Lucille, Jacob’s mother.

Tom, now an adult pastor, was one of the many throughout the episode who were trying to accept Jacob back into his life. This episode was filled with many emotions including “How is this possible” and “I don’t believe it,” as everyone is struggling to accept Jacob’s return on both a medical and spiritual level when finding out after tests he was genetically related to his family members and how the doctor could hear a heartbeat when getting his physical.

Towards the end of the pilot, Jacob’s cousin and doctor is linked to another unbelievable miracle of her friend’s dad coming back after his death which leaves the audience wondering who else is coming back.

“Resurrection” is sure to be keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as family members and loved ones show up out of nowhere to Arcadia after being gone for decades. Although the show is exciting now, answers will be needed and soon to keep viewers’ attention.

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