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Religion is a controversial topic within today’s society, especially when it comes to recreating or expressing a specified religion through art such as cinema. The risk that lies between offensiveness and respect as well as factuality and dramatization is a line that can easily make or break viewer’s thoughts on the film.

The biblical film, “Son of God”, directed by Christopher Spencer, projects a message of love and spirituality by bringing the story of Jesus (Diogo Morgado) to the big screen. A movie that predominantly fixates on Jesus’ quest from his humble beginnings to resurrection is directed and played “safely” by the actors and actresses. The storytelling expresses the journey as Jesus communicates and brings a form of compassion and joy to a world where people struggle. The later portion of the film also consists of Jesus inspiring a revolt against the Romans in Jerusalem and then his subsequent resurrection.

The film stars Sebastian Knapp (John), David Rintoul (Noah), William Houston (Moses), and Gred Hicks (Pontius Pilate). While some have melodramatic monologues, the way in which they present their biblical character is suitable and fair.

However, the stylistic features and production of this film make the talent and environment appear significantly groomed and dramatized, while the holy messages and lessons conveyed such as compassion, humility, and faith are clear. The scenes such as Noah on an ark filled with animals, Moses parting the Red Sea, and Jesus walking on water are of the many scenes that are condensed and restricted. They provide a SparkNotes version to those who are not fully informed of the holy texts. While it is difficult and controversial to retell a great religious story through a certain interpretation, the act of playing it safe limits the greater inventiveness that can be brought to the big screen. Therefore, there should have been more done to make certain scenes appear less mediocre and more interesting.

It appears at times as a promotional effort to deliver a condensed and dazzling version rather than presenting it as a greater and meaningful perception of this religion. This film’s purpose to inform and spread a message is usually directed and created to a certain group of people, but can interest various audiences. The overall movie, “Son of God” could have been better, but it is a fairly earnest and decent film.

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