Worm or fiction?

A student is claiming that she found an unpleasant surprise in her dinner Monday night.

On March 4, student Kayelyn Dyson told The Setonian she and her friend allegedly found what she described as a “worm” in the broccoli she was eating in the Dining Hall.

Despite the photograph, the University could not validate her story.

Theresa Deehan, director of Business Affairs said in a statement that a student approached a Gourmet Dining manager on March 3 with a photo of the alleged worm.

“The student did not present the plate of food to Gourmet Dining or to the University in order for a proper assessment to be made,” Deehan said.

According to Dyson’s email, she and her friends originally thought the worm was pasta. “At first glance we believed it was just a piece of a noodle, but after watching it move when we poked it, we quickly discovered it wasn’t,” Dyson said.

According to Deehan, fresh vegetables are served daily and every precaution is taken to ensure that there are no insects present.

In addition, Deehan noted that all vegetables are purchased vacuum packed, prewashed and dated and then rewashed prior to serving.

Following the incident, all serving bins containing broccoli were removed and examined.

Gourmet Dining Service also voluntarily brought in The South Orange Health Department to review the procedures in place for handling food and facility sanitation, according to Deehan.

“These were found to be compliant with state health regulations,” Deehan said. “Sanipure Labs was contacted to review the photo however, without an actual sampling a final determination could not be made.”

Dyson also alleged that this has not been the first time the food has been inedible.

Deehan said that students should contact a Gourmet Dining Manager immediately following any incident in the Dining Hall.

Kayelyn Dyson did not return request for further comment.

Ashley Duvall can be reached at ashley.duvall@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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