Riser’ has Bentley climbing higher

Singer-songwriter Dierks Bentley is rising to the top after months of working on his seventh album, titled “Riser,” with help from well-known producer Ross Copperman.

Bentley has a distinct voice and is changing it up once again for his fans. Like most country singers, he decided to take the classic country feel but experiment with the new technology and sounds.

The lead single released prior to the album is known as “I Hold On.” This lyrics have many twists and turns as Bentley sings about how he is holding on to the past negative experiences of his life that make him who he is. The song is currently climbing up on the charts.

“Here on Earth” shows how Bentley incorporated real-life experiences into his journey to create his album. In this song he describes how he has to believe in his faith because not every question can have an answer. He shows how there is mystery in the world.

The title track, “Riser,” begins with a light instrumental as Bentley sings about how he is a fighter and survivor and how now he is a riser after all the hard times he has endured through the course of two years since his last album, released in 2011.

Songs such “Five” and “Sounds of Summer” are not as fraught with meaning but will remind listeners of the summer and lying out under the sun.

Bentley has high hopes that, through the album, longtime fans will see they were an important factor in his success.

Eleven-time Grammy nominated Dierks Bentley explores many emotions throughout the album. The grief of his father passing and the joy of welcoming his newborn son to the world are conveyed on the album through his strong, intense and memorable lyrics.

The album is worth a listen and will leave you reflecting on the lyrics. Bentley is also heading out on tour in early May to show fans how he has come out of these experiences a better person, filled with happiness and contentment.

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Author: Amanda Boyer

Amanda is a senior public relations major graduating in December 2015, a semester earlier than the four-year track, from Hillsborough, NJ. Prior, she was the Photography Editor and now holds the postion of being the Social Media Manager of The Setonian. She is also a freelance photographer for on and off campus events. As a writer, she is also a contributor to CupidsPulse.com, HerCampus.com and TheTaiLife.com.

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