NBC’s new sitcom is eye opening

The new NBC show “Growing up Fisher” airs on Sunday nights. It is inspired by a true story, introducing a family that consists of a mother, two children, and a blind father.

The self-reliant and humorous dad, Mel Fisher, is an attorney who does not allow his disability get in the way of doing anything that he wishes. The show has a fairly decent concept — a family comedy that incorporates the “blind factor.”

The pilot opens with Mel, who puts on safety glasses to cut down a tree. He even insists that he drives to teach his daughter the basics of parking. Fisher tells his children: “You can do anything that you put your mind to. I went to law school, blind.”

One of more humorous aspects of the pilot was that even before the divorce was finalized, Mel succeeds in hiding his blindness from outsiders with the help of his son, Henry.

The close father and son relationship is strengthened by the fact that Henry is his father’s “Seeing Eye dog” in a way. However, Elvis comes into the picture. After the divorce, Mel buys Elvis in order to find his way around his new home. This is also when Henry finds out about the divorce. While his father moved to a hotel, his mother got braces.

The show pushes the message of how sometimes the tough moments and obstacles in life often make for greater success in the end. “Growing up Fisher” conveys this family’s closeness and calmness even as the parents get a divorce. This rare perspective on divorce is refreshing, but can be considered unrealistic in some situations. However, the divorce creates new beginnings for the family.

“Growing Up Fisher” is a story of overcoming adversity. It is a fairly entertaining, feel-good comedy that might entice viewers to continue watching the show. Mel’s jokes are funny and teach life lessons. However, it lack an edge that could help it build an audience.

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Author: Staff Writer

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