Yoga provides ‘balance’ when working out

The Recreational Center offers a variety fitness classes from dance infusion to kick boxing to yoga. Yoga has not been popular among male students.

“Yoga is fairly new,” said graduate student Lauren Cicale, who works at the gym.

“We only started about two weeks ago, and we only got maybe one or two guys signed up for the class.”

Cicale said that yoga is important in “balancing” a workout week, as it stretches out the worked muscles.

Freshman Maxwell Rowe said: “Most guys want to get stronger. The first thing they go to is free weights.” 

Rowe, who took yoga in high school, said while it may seem “unmanly,” it’s also a relaxing way to get a good workout and “yoga is very good for staying healthy.”

Senior David Harry said he would go because “It teaches peace and keeping compo- sure, which is great to have.” 

However, sophomore Brian Walker said he wouldn’t go because he is not flexible and does not find yoga interesting. 

However, a new classed called “Body Flow” is being offered in order to boost student interest.

This class is an infusion of “tai chi, yoga, and pilates” according to Cicale, and it will to be offered at the Fieldhouse.

She said that the guys on the varsity sport teams, including golf and cross country, will be invited to attend the class.

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