SHUfly will not adjust to traffic issues

The parking deck addition construction has started which mandates the need for supply deliveries to campus.

The University sent out an email warning all campus drivers about the delays around the parking deck that will continue through the beginning of April.

These delays will also affect the SHUfly and its’ schedule the same way they are expected to impact commuters.

Parking Services Manager Ann Szipszky says that the congestion of the delivery traffic will affect the SHUfly but not at all times.

Szipszky says there are no plans to change the SHUfly’s schedule or route due to the construction and deliveries.

She suggests that students take the necessary preparations to ensure they catch the SHUfly when needed.

“We always encourage students and other community members taking SHUFLY to be at the stops approximately five minutes ahead of schedule just in case SHUFLY is running a little early,” Szipszky said. “Especially during this time, it will be important for everyone to plan accordingly.”

The SHUfly can also be tracked online or through mobile devices as well as on Twitter (@SHUFLY_SHUTTLE).

This especially will be helpful if there is a change in the SHUfly schedule, which is possible but hasn’t been necessary in previous situations, Szipszky said.

This will affect students who rely on the SHUfly.

Junior Tyler Thomas, who lives on campus, is one of the students who takes SHUfly on a weekly basis but has had problems with the service prior to the construction and sees this an additional issue.

“The problems I’ve had with it is the tracker is often wrong on the app and the drivers just randomly stop and get out of the bus for a period of time,” said Thomas.

He said he fears what will happen when the construction actually starts.

“The SHUfly will be even worse now with construction delays and it’s hard to imagine that service being any worse,” Thomas said.

Other students who take the SHUfly daily have experienced similar problems and the delays due to construction have only made it worse, including junior Tim Valles.

“There’s been a lot (of delays) with all of the snow and now construction, it’s usually like 10 minutes late,” said Valles.

He said despite the delays, he still uses the SHUfly because he has no other option.

“It’s the only alternative, but if there were something better I’d probably take it,” Valles said. “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

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