Lulu app scores with users on campus

Want to know if he is a good guy? There’s an app for that.

Lulu is a mobile application that allows women to evaluate men from the user’s Facebook friend list. The app takes all the anonymous reviews submitted for a specific guy, averages them and creates a rating from 1-through-10.

In the nine months since its inception, Lulu has seen a staggering rise in popularity, reaching one in four college girls in the United States, according to New York Magazine.

Overall, Lulu has received mixed reviews.

On campus many users, such as sophomore Veronica Valencia, see the app as purely entertainment, and not something to take seriously.

“I think it is funny logging on and seeing my friends’ ratings and hashtags,” Valencia said. “Some are spot on and others are just funny. It’s entertaining but I don’t take it too seriously.”

The male demographic at Seton Hall doesn’t think as highly of the app. Sophomore William Schmid, who recently found out he has received ratings on the app, said it makes him uncomfortable.

“I’m a little paranoid about Lulu because I have no idea who wrote it and I can’t even see what it says about me,” Schmid said. “Being rated on there is a weird feeling because I don’t like having that sort of stuff about me out there when I have no idea about it.”

One argument made by both men and women is that if the tables were turned and an app were created for men to rate the women in their lives, it would not be seen in the same light as Lulu.

“There can definitely be a double standard in this app,” sophomore Samantha Cutrone said. “A Lulu-type of app made to rate women would only receive backlash. It wouldn’t be the fun app that girls love today.”

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