Last Night’ gets laughs, hits home

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall bring the laughs once again in “About Last Night.”

Directed by Steve Pink (“Hot Tub Time Machine,” “Accepted”), this movie plays on romance and how relationships work in modern times.

Bernie (Hart) and Danny, played by Michael Ealy, are two single guys living in Los Angeles and often play wingman for each other. One blind date the two men meet Joan (Hall) and Debbie (Joy Bryant). As the four get to know each other, Danny and Debbie seem like the perfect match while Bernie and Joan seem as if they have to force their connection. The scenes alternated between a romantic, loving relationship with Danny and Debbie and a raunchy, dysfunctional relationship with Bernie and Joan.

As the story progresses, the two relationships create a dichotomy focusing on the question, “Are you the one?” The first half of the movie is filled with hilarious attempts by Bernie to get out of the serious relationship that Joan is keen on pursuing. Their struggles are what keep the audience’s attention while Danny and Debbie develop their relationship. Massive showdowns in public places between these witty comedians characterize their interactions.

The shift in the second half of the movie is tangible as Debbie and Danny start to falter. Their struggle is relatable yet typical for a romance movie; he wanted to live more like a bachelor while she wanted more commitment. Without spoiling the ending, the four realize what they really want in a partner and what it means to have feelings for somebody. A big lesson the movie teaches is not to put a label on a good relationship you have with another person because that will usually stifle it.

If it were only the story of Debbie and Danny, the movie could be characterized as ‘Been there, done that.” Adding Kevin Hart and Regina Hall spiced up the story. It is a perfect date movie with just the right mix of sweet romance and raunchy comedy.

Don’t leave early; you don’t want to miss the improvisation by Hart and Hall in the closing credits.

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Author: Emily Balan

Emily is the news editor for The Setonian and writes for the news section. She also writes for The Diplomatic Envoy where she holds the layout & copy editor position. She will be graduating in spring 2016 from the School of Diplomacy with a BS in diplomacy and international relations and a BA in philosophy, with minors in French and journalism.

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