British TV invades America

The British are coming and captivating Americans through their television shows.

The British accent, charm and talent in shows such as “Sherlock,” “Downton Abbey,” and “Doctor Who” are entertaining and attracting American viewers.

The complicated puzzles and clues of a mystery that only Sherlock and Watson could solve in “Sherlock” challenge its audience.

The adventures, time travel and villains in “Doctor Who” exports the extraordinary story and time periods to viewers.

Class differences, rivalries and the aristocracy who inhabit “Downton Abbey” bring witty humor and intellectual ideas to the screen.

“British shows are more sophisticated than how our shows are, like ‘The Jersey Shore,'” freshman Angela Zigarelli said. “I feel like American shows are just getting trashier on television.”

The talent, storylines and humor differentiate American and British television.

The British create complex characters and give them creative dialogue.

“I’m really into mystery.” freshman Cynthia Zhang said. “‘Sherlock’s’ characters and storyline are so complex, so it adds to the suspense.”

Freshman Emily Green said: “I like ‘Doctor Who’ because it’s quirky and it is set in the past and the future. It’s like what happens if history got changed. It’s a very good show.”

“Sherlock is well-written and witty,” sophomore Francisco Arocho said.

Freshman Rayan Zahriyeh said she thinks women would watch British shows because they’re attracted to British actors.

Freshman Onyero Anikwe said “Doctor Who” is really random with a weird plot, but it has meaning.

“British shows are interesting because you learn about another culture, which is important to someone’s intellectual growth,” freshman Perle Desir said. “It’s also about how everyone loves the British accent so that’s why they watch shows like ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Sherlock.'”

The rise in popularity stems from how these shows tap into viewers’ curiosity and sense of humor while providing an interesting plot and conflict.

This time, rather than Paul Revere, it might be Snooki yelling, “The British are coming!”

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