Outsiders’ brings Church to the top

After almost a three year break since releasing his recording breakthrough and CMA award winning album of the year “Chief”, contemporary country singer Eric Church is rolling out his fourth co-written album titled “The Outsiders.” This album shows how Church is taking risks and particularly doing it better than most of the country singers of his generation so far with his use of creativity. Throughout the 12 songs in the tracklist, Church mixes in genres like rock, rap and metal giving his fans a new twist to his classic contemporary taste shown through “how he was and how he rolls” in his previous albums.

The single and title track released before the album “The Outsiders” was just the beginning showing the difference in his music since “Chief.” With the electric guitar and drum beat feel from the beginning to the end drags his fans into his lyrics. He begins it with a spoken cadence that carries throughout it. The song has a rock feel to it that made fans interested to hear more from him before the album came out.

Church exposes the listener to many different tastes including in “That’s Damn Rock & Roll.” He begins it with a casual talk going into signing the chorus with an AC/DC feel to it with the electric guitar screaming with a solo this time. Through the drum beat and flashy sounds, Church also shows off his rapping skills as well.

He goes over the top with the song “Devil, Devil.” The song begins with a prelude with Church reciting poetry about Nashville describing how it is a princess of darkness and a talented town. Its music style is more of a contemporary feel going into a mixed metal and rock tune.

Other songs that stand out include “Like a Wrecking Ball”, “Give Me Back My Hometown” and “Roller Coaster Ride.”

This album shows how Church has become more innovative with his many personalities and is beginning to try new things during his time off since his last release in 2011. The album has him reaching new heights and bringing more than just the strong guitar feel to his music that was on his past albums like “Chief,” “Carolina” and “Sinners Like Me.” Through “The Outsiders” he is sure to gain new following with his creativity and knack for trying new things.

Amanda Boyer can be reached at amanda.boyer@student.shu.edu.

Author: Amanda Boyer

Amanda is a senior public relations major graduating in December 2015, a semester earlier than the four-year track, from Hillsborough, NJ. Prior, she was the Photography Editor and now holds the postion of being the Social Media Manager of The Setonian. She is also a freelance photographer for on and off campus events. As a writer, she is also a contributor to CupidsPulse.com, HerCampus.com and TheTaiLife.com.

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