Miniseries captures history of Bond

It wouldn’t be hard to argue that we all have our own ideal fantasies, where if the world catered to our imagination and was receptive enough to react accordingly, we would be the coolest people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sadly there is something limiting all of our wildest fantasies of course; it’s that the world is not actually a fictional place that uses our deepest desires and intents as blueprints to construct itself – But not to worry, that’s why we have James Bond.

Anyone who has read the books, seen the movies, or just ordered a vodka martini (shaken not stirred) will know the espionage loving playboy in a heartbeat. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, he is the immortal envy of any man in a suit, and the dangerous desire of any woman in a dress. The invention of such a man comes from the same origins as any of our wildest fantasies – they just so happen to be those of Ian Fleming.

The miniseries, “Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond” is set in London during the opening scenes of WWII. Fleming, a failed stockbroker and wealthy playboy with a wild imagination, found himself engaged in his work when becoming a naval intelligence officer. Dominic Cooper, playing Ian Fleming, embodies the role so exceptionally you’d assume as though he actually is a bit hurt about not being cast as Mr. Bond for a movie instead. Initially torn between what to do with his life (as most college students are), Fleming begins to pour his creativity into the naval intelligence scene, conjuring up plans of anti-Nazi espionage. With all of the episodes and plot points based on true events of Fleming’s life, the audience is provided the most entertaining history lessons and insights into the world behind Bond.

Audiences who are familiar with Bond films or read one of the books, the connection to the true wit, charm, and all-around-awesome behind it all is truly too irresistible to pass up. The miniseries paints a picture of the real life inspirations that brought the man, Ian Fleming, to write one of the world’s best-selling fictional series. If you liked any of the Bond films, ever wanted to be a playboy, dreamed of a life of danger, or even sometimes just have a really fun time speaking in a British accent, watch the premiere episode below and enjoy good storytelling at its best.

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