Students struggle with second semester slump

There are two types of students: those that enjoy returning to campus after a break and those who do not.

As the semester goes on the line between these two types starts to blur.

Even the most sprightly morning people start to oversleep. The most punctual start arriving to classes late or skipping them entirely. In the countdown to spring break, attitudes vary.

Sophomore Sarah Ebady said that as a business major, she realizes that her classes are often difficult, but she is “up for the challenge.”

Sophomore biology major Taniya Varghese said that although she is “bombarded with work,” she enjoys her area of study. “Because I am interested in the work, I am continuing to stay on top of my work,” Varghese said.

Another biology major, Feba Samji admits that she isn’t as enthusiastic about school as she was at the start of the semester. “My attendance has changed for certain classes,” she confessed. “For classes in which I need to teach myself, I’m less inclined to wake up an hour earlier and go.”

While Samji said she hasn’t fallen behind in her work, she would like to be further ahead.

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