Spin bikes hot commodity

Students and faculty can participate in the team fitness workouts offered in spin classes.

There is no pre-registration for the classes, so they often fill up an hour before the session starts.

Also known as RPM classes, these team fitness classes are offered 20 times a week and offer an intense indoor cycling workout. According to the Athletic Center faculty, the room is equipped with 25 to 30 bikes.

According to Brian Poll, the associate director of recreation services, the spin class ranks as the Rec Center’s most popular class.

“It is the class that we offer most and classes are consistently full,” Poll said. “We are very happy with the attendance (at) all of our classes, and hopefully the University members continue to take advantage of our offerings.”

“I was really excited to hear that our gym was finally offering spin classes,” sophomore Trisha Sammarro said. “The first time I went about 20 minutes early expecting to have some free time before the class started, and the class was already completely full. The next time I was about 40 minutes early, and there was somehow only one seat left by the time I got there. Everyone has the same idea as me I guess, but it’s crazy how fast the classes fill up.”

As a result, many students are discouraged from even attempting to claim a bike in these classes.

“The gym near my house offers spin classes, so I thought it was super convenient that Seton Hall was offering them, too,” sophomore Rohit Ravi said. “But when I heard everyone complaining that it was impossible to get a spot in these classes, I didn’t even bother to try to go to them. They really should try and get more bikes, because there’s definitely a lot more than 25 people who’d want to go.”

The Rec Center staff confirmed that most popular times for this class are from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

They said students who wish to attend classes during these times should plan to come in advance or find a time during the day that is less crowded and more convenient.

“Usually with our morning and afternoon classes you can show up five to 10 minutes before class and have a bike,” Poll said. “The evening classes fill up very fast and I would say give about 20 minute before the start time would be OK. With this said, each class is different so nothing is ever guaranteed.”

The schedule for team fitness classes can be found at http:// www.shupirates.com/recreation/fitness-sched.html.

Erica Szczepaniak can be reached at erica.szczepaniak@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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