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There are two worlds: a futuristic world where there is an excess of luxuries and comforts and a primitive world of coldness and despair. While one world is orderly, technology-based and abundantly materialistic, the other world features simple clothing and cavemen necessities. Which world would you rather live in?

The new Syfy television show “Opposite Worlds” dramatizes the distinction between the lifestyles with contestants divided into two groups. While one team lives in a futuristic home, the other lives in an undeveloped environment. The worlds are divided by a glass wall which, adds to the animosity and jealousy. According to a contestant on the show, Wyatt, living in the past can be compared to “Flintstones on crack.” The individuals have six weeks to live through these different lifestyles, participate in duels and struggle as well as enjoy until only one victor is left to win $100,000.

Each week contestants must play in a “Worldly Challenge” in which each team has the power to change the dynamic of the game. They fight the opposing team because the worlds are up for grabs. In Week One, individuals from the past and future ran up to a platform, picked up an electric shocker, and had to knock the counter contestant off the playing field.

In addition, each week viewers will choose a “decider” who will select a contestant from each team to face “The Duel of Destiny” that can either be intellectually or physically based. The winner of the duel will continue to be a lab rat in the experiment while the other will be sent home.

The interesting social experiment is hosted by Luke Tipple. The test subjects come from varied career fields and regions. The difficult adaptations from one lifestyle to the other is a challenge, especially when surviving in the “past world.” The televised experiment is filled with sarcastic commentary and escalating rivalries with inept violence. The fascinating show with an interesting set will transport viewers in a world of dramatized dualities. While safety is clearly an issue in the show, the edgy and competitive concept of survival of the fittest keeps viewers anxious, captivated and intrigued.

“Opposite Worlds” airs on Syfy every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 p.m.

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