Are You the One?’ is for no one

MTV has struck again with bad reality television. I’ve never been one for reality TV, except for the “Real World Road Rules Challenge” series, but this show hurts.

“Are You the One?” sports an original, yet extremely unrealistic concept of trying to find love. Ten girls are paired with 10 potentially perfectly matched boys as they battle to unearth who their “perfect one” is and win $1 million in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii. There’s a “truth booth” where hands are placed and tested to see if suspicions are true, there are side challenges to go on “island dates” and other improbable nonsense.

My first problem with this show is the age rang. Most of the participants look to be at most 24 years old. MTV does target age demographics of young high school students; however, the kids on “Are You the One?” look as if they have just moved out of their parents’ place. Second is the “reality TV acting for it.” The horrible accents, the confessionals and the drama all make my head hurt from the sheer unnaturalness of it all. The drama is stirred by simply moving bags, jealousy issues and other petty things.

The majority of the cast is trying to play up to the numerous stereotypes. There is even a cast member who tries to mimic C.T. from “The Challenge” with his looks and Brooklyn accent, and the host has a weird game show voice whenever he announces.

The show’s only purpose is for young 20-somethings to get drunk, make reprehensible decisions and become reality TV future has-beens. Therefore, I’m going to stay far away from this show. If this sounds like a potential guilty pleasure for you, by all means watch it on MTV every Tuesday at 11 p.m. and predict what couple will come out on top. You won’t be the only one — the show has a strong 8.1 out of 10 stars from 23 people.

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