Things are looking up in ‘Shameless’

Everybody’s favorite dysfunctional family is back on Showtime every Sunday at 9 p.m. Why, yes, I’m talking about the Gallaghers on “Shameless, a show anyone can watch and generally say, “Wow at least my life isn’t THAT bad.”

The show follows the life of a family that lives well below the poverty line, barely makes ends meet, but they still know how to party and love each other — well, sort of.

Season four is unlike any season thus far. The Gallaghers finally creep up on the poverty line as Fiona, played by the beautiful Emmy Rossum, lands a stable desk job with benefits. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is pursuing secondary education, but it seems his tricks from high school may no longer work. Ian, the Gallagher who struggles with his sexual identity and unspoken love for the rebellious Mickey, is MIA after joining the military. The family can barely reach him, yet they remain hopeful he will be back soon.

Debbie is slowly discovering playing with fire (and when I say fire, I mean boys) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as she begins an unconventional relationship with a boy who meets the requirements of the statutory rape law. Carl has abandoned his pyromaniac ways and is now taking care of his terminally ill father, Frank. Frank’s partying has finally caught up with him as he must rely on other ways of getting inebriated without physically drinking.

Neighbors Veronica and Kevin got more than they bargained for as they now must figure out what to do with the baby V’s mom is carrying, plus the litter Veronica is carrying. Kevin inherited the Alibi Room, but what was once thought of as a cash cow is truly a sinking ship. As new love blossoms for Fiona, she is having trouble coming to terms with the idea that her man that wants to be around her, whereas Steve, who is still missing, was never a boyfriend who stayed around longer than a few months at a time.

In short, season four of “Shameless will excite and captivate you as past seasons have done. Although it’s still early in the season, don’t make assumptions — we are seeing the Gallaghers in a whole different light.

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