Student does it ‘Real Big’

While some students spend their free time perusing Netflix lists or surfing the web, John Cobb, a senior diplomacy and international relations major, spent his free time writing a book. The back cover describes his book, “Doin’ It Real Big,” as “a collection of poetry that is nothing like anything you have ever read before.”

According to Cobb, he draws his inspiration from daily life and pop culture, juxtaposing pop culture icons with mundane things that normal people do. The poems are mostly satirical and light- hearted, and Cobb’s humor shines through.

“In life, we do a lot of boring things and stupid things and no one cares, really,” he said. “And yet, we have TMZ and People magazine putting actors under the microscope for having bad beach bodies or twins or breaking up or getting DUIs. Most people have bad beach bodies and can have children and can break up and get DUIs if they want to and no one really cares much.”

The contrast between celebrities and average people helps to explain the book’s cover art. The design, by Evan Najimian, another Seton Hall student, features Albert Haynesworth, former NFL player, dominating the advertisements in Times Square. The idea for the cover was mainly inspired by the title of the book.

“I thought about it for a while and there is nothing bigger than Times Square,” Cobb said. “It is one of the most iconic places in the world and something that defines the Tri-State region and even our country. Imagine if someone were able to get on every billboard and screen in Times Square. They truly would be ‘Doin’ It Real Big.'”

However, Cobb seems to be the one who is “Doin’ It Real Big.”

“I just don’t think people should take life as seriously as they do,” he said. “We have this image of the poet who wears black turtlenecks and mopes in dark corners and stuff. We see the poets as weirdoes and social outcasts and beatniks.

“I would consider myself weird but not a beatnik or a social outcast.”

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Author: Rebecca White

Rebecca White is from Orange County, California and is a senior majoring in Communication. She started out as the Pirate Life Copy Editor her sophomore year, worked her way up to Assistant Pirate Life Editor her junior year, and enters her senior year as Pirate Life Editor. She has been on the Dean’s List every semester and will graduate a semester early in December 2016. During her time at Seton Hall she has interned for CNBC and, an entertainment site where she coordinates the celebrity interviews. She aspires to be a novelist while working in the publishing industry, either as a book editor or magazine editor.

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