Student heading to Super Bowl for work

Junior Ashley Jefferson is going to the Super Bowl by working guest services at MetLife this Sunday.

Jefferson said she will either be working near the front of the stadium where they’re scanning tickets or will be directing people toward their party or seat.

“I’ll be able to see the game, but I’ll be standing and seeing it,” Jefferson said. “I’m really excited to see Bruno Mars perform.”

Jefferson received information about working guest services at the beginning of fall and found out she would be working the Super Bowl in December. She started her training on Jan. 25 and will find out more about her position on the day of the Super Bowl.

“Both of the teams that I would have rooted for are out,” Jefferson said. “I think I’m gonna go for the Seahawks. I know everybody’s rooting for the Broncos to win; I like the underdog.”

She said she’s planning to prepare for the cold by buying long johns to wear under her uniform and layering as much as she can. “I’m also going to look into what kind of pocket heaters they have,” Jefferson said.

These opportunities don’t come often, Jefferson said, so she encourages everyone to take opportunities when they do come along. “It’s going to be an amazing experience,” Jefferson said. “I’m not as excited about the cold, but honestly, I’m so excited to go.”

Roommate Rivalry

Sophomores Brian Mitchell and Zane Keller are roommates with very different ideas of who will win the Su- per Bowl. Mitchell has been supporting Seattle and Keller supporting Denver all season. Early in the season, with their favorites predicted to make it to the Super Bowl, they made a bet.

“We made a bet the second week of the season that if both our teams make it to the Super Bowl, the loser has to shave his head,” Keller said.

Mitchell said that as the playoffs began people were skeptical that both the Seahawks and Broncos would make it to the Super Bowl.

“As both our teams made the playoffs, they were both the No. 1 teams and everyone was saying ‘Oh, the two No. 1 teams have never made it to the Super Bowl since 1990,’ or something crazy like that, but as the weeks moved on, both our teams kept advancing,” Mitchell said.

Keller said he was getting nervous about his hair every time the Seahawks won.

On Sunday, Mitchell and Keller said, they will be watching the game at a friend’s house in their respective jerseys. The payoff, however, will not take place immediately after the game.

There’s a career fair toward the end of February and Mitchell said that they’re not trying to ruin each other’s futures, so they have decided to wait until the day after to enforce the bet.

Students star in Pepsi commercial

A Pepsi commercial featuring pep band members, cheerleaders and sapphires was filmed in the University Center is and scheduled to air online during the Super Bowl.

Senior Samantha Restaino, from the dance team the Sapphires, said she got involved when the commercial company reached out to SHU athletics, who then reached out to her coach. She said she was in the commercial as a cheerleader.

“We rehearsed the set a bunch of times but nothing compared to when we performed live with the confetti flying everywhere,” Restaino said. “It was so exciting surprising the students and knowing the camera was rolling.”

Pep band member freshman Thomas Kraft said he got to play his trumpet in the commercial.

“The most exciting part would have to be the time right before the commercial as the anticipation was beginning to get to me,” Kraft said. “Overall, I would say that the experience was both unique and fulfilling.”

“This was such an awesome experience to be a part of, and I am so grateful for the opportunity,” Restaino said. “All of the workers and producers were so nice to work with.”

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Author: Samantha Giedris

Samantha Giedris is a senior journalism major with minors in political science and women and gender studies. She is currently the Managing Editor of The Setonian and a member of Alpha Phi Fraternity. In the past year, she has interned at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Birchbox. Samantha can be reached at

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