Brandy Melville’s unique styles appeal to students

Crop tops and skirts with soft floral patterns, Los Angeles inspired tees and accessories, light flowing dresses fit for summer weather-the styles at Brandy Melville have customers on the East Coast longing for summer year round. Until then, however, they cozy up in comfort-fitted sweaters selected from the Brandy racks.

Brandy Melville is an original Italian brand inspired by L.A. lifestyle.

Celebrity shoppers from Miley Cyrus to Paris Hilton have brought Brandy into the spotlight with them. The typical “Brandy girl” is feminine with an urban twist, young at heart, active, tough, stylish and chic in an effortless way, according to the company’s website.

Freshman Marielle McCartin shops at the Brandy Melville store located in New York City. “I love the boho-hipster design which is definitely trending right now,” McCartin said.

McCartin said she doesn’t think Brandy will become a big trend on campus but will be more prominent at city-based universities in more artsy atmospheres.

Freshman Tesneam Abu-Hakmeh said that although she does not like Brandy’s winter fashions, she looks forward to shopping there in the spring and summer.

“(Brandy’s) styles are more specific towards spring,” Abu-Hakmeh said. “In winter they’re just another store that sells sweaters, but in the spring they have nice crop tops that are simple and go with anything.”

Customers may be intrigued by their first sight of the Brandy patterns and styles, but when they pick up an item they may be surprised to find most products are “one size fits most.”

Freshman Jessica Dell Aquila said she has never shopped at Brandy Melville, but she said selling clothing in “one size fits most” is great because then the store would never be out of her size.

Abu-Hakmeh, however, said she thinks the store is shallow because its clothing pinpoints customers who are very slim.

If she were not included in the “most” category, Abu-Hakmeh said, she would feel disrespected.

Dell Aquila said she also would feel a little discouraged, but clothes fit everyone differently.

“They are trying to optimize their customers by having a generic size,” Dell Aquila said.

McCartin said it is important for companies to target a group that will represent the company in a stylish way.

“The buyer is the model for the clothes out in the real world,” McCartin said.

“They will be wearing the clothes and showing them off to everyone else.”

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