New life lessons in ‘Girls’

The third season of the popular HBO series “Girls,” starring creator Lena Dunham, is back! For those not clued in, “Girls” is about four women in their early 20s who live in New York City and try to navigate their lives in the real world. The show focuses on themes of friendship, love, maturity and how they all evolve on a journey of self-discovery.

In ironic real-world situations, Dunham offers simplistic musings of and dialogue between the characters to teach life lessons, but always with a shot of humor. Each character’s personality is unique, which allows the audience to relate; these are real girls with real problems and there are never simple solutions.

The back-to-back episodes of the start of season three find Hannah, Marnie and Shoshanna in different life trajectories from when we saw them last season. Hannah is back and seemingly happier than ever with her supportive yet unstable, on-again off-again boyfriend, Adam. There is no sign of Charlie in Marnie’s life (much to her dismay) while she is patching her relationship up with Hannah and moving into her own apartment. Shoshanna has unleashed her wild side; her bluntly honest and responsible manner has been replaced with a party-girl mindset as her last year of college winds down. The mystery of Jessa’s sudden disappearance last season is revealed as she explains that her grandmother would pay for her jet-setting lifestyle if she completes a 60-day stint in rehab for her heroin addiction.

This season seems to be taking a turn toward the philosophical. Hannah is on a roll in her life, happily dating Adam again, taming her OCD and growing in her friendships. While talking to her therapist, she says, “I hold the keys to the prison that is my mind,” speaking of her new life track and how she was the only one holding herself back all along.

The ability to relate to the subjects in the show and the unique and interesting characters attract a following to the series. Now Dunham is answering the question, “What is there to learn from these girls?”

You can find the complete first and second season of “Girls” on Xfinity OnDemand by Comcast or on HBOGO application. Tune in to HBO on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. to see what these crazy, lovable girls will do next.

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