Lacus gets down to business in and out of pool

Swimming phenomenon Joey Lacus, a senior from Wethersfield, Conn. is an advertising design major along with a minor in business administration who has been able to successfully balance being a record-breaking swimmer and an academic all-star.

He said he feels that his involvement outside the classroom is what will aid him the most in the future. The freestyle and breaststroke specialist hopes to take advantage of the tips and teaching he has gained from his experiences working with Pirate Blue after he graduates in May.

Pirate Blue is a group associated with Seton Hall athletics in which people can donate money in order to maintain the success and growth of sports at Seton Hall.

The funds go toward generating athletic scholarships, renovations and expansion of athletic facilities.

Members of Pirate Blue receive benefits such as discounted athletics apparel, Big East and NCAA basketball tournament ticket purchase priority, and special event invitations exclusive to members.

Lacus said he enjoys dealing with people and making tough decisions and he believes that his time in Pirate Blue and the relationships he built with its members can serve him well once he enters the working world.

“I’ve learned a lot in Pirate Blue, through Bryan Felt, Jay Judge and their staff, just how to work with people in the best way,” Lacus said. “Especially with the alumni you learn a great deal and you see the entire spectrum of people in that office. So that’s been absolutely tremendous for me.”

Lacus also had the opportunity to intern last summer for the 2014 Super Bowl Host Co. at MetLife Stadium. He worked with many people and was led by company CEO and former American Express President Alfred Kelly with whom he developed a great relationship. His stress on leadership and taking risks is what Lacus focused on, and he said he wants to bring that with him wherever he goes in the future.

“Mr. Kelly had emphasized a lot of things like tenants of leadership and really just upholding to them and not being afraid,” Lacus said.

“Like taking the chance, taking the risks that you need to be successful in life so through that I’ve learned a lot just outside what he had taught us, but from everybody in that office that I hope I can take with me when I start moving forward.”

Lacus has not let his involvement outside the classroom halt him in the pool in any way. After being named one of three captains at the start of the season, Lacus made it up to a top-four spot in the conference with a C final time of 2:13.96 at the Patriot Invitational leading into winter break.

Lacus said he hopes to use his time as a team leader and the concepts and skills he has learned through working with business professionals as a gateway into the sports market and possibly college athletics if given the opportunity.

“I’ll be able to take what I’ve learned, move forward and now that I have a sense of what I love hopefully I can apply that in other spots,” Lacus said.

Lacus will be back in the pool ready to lead his team at Marist on Jan. 25.

Thomas Zappia can be reached at thomas.zappia@student.shu. edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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