Killer Women’ deserves to be killed

“Some men just need killing…” and maybe “Killer Women” does needs to be killed too. I’m all for female-dominated casts like with “Desperate Housewives,” “Girls,” and this season of “American Horror Story: Coven,” but there is something about “Killer Women” that just doesn’t make me love or even like it.

Leading lady Tricia Helfer plays female ranger Molly Parker. In this male-dominated profession, Parker knows no bounds when it comes to solving the crimes that fall into her lap. She uses her charm, logic and female persuasion to get things done, which is naturally unorthodox to her male counterparts and superiors. Parker’s life is unstable. As she battles her husband into signing their divorce papers, she struggles to maintain professionalism within her career while having a steamy love affair with the adorable DEA agent Dan Winston (Marc Blucas) and being forced to live with her brother’s family.

The show seems pretty self-explanatory just from the title alone. The first crime we see features a bodacious woman dressed in red head-to-toe approach a church with an ongoing wedding procession. The lady causes a major uprising as she shoots the bride and escapes the chapel within a few minutes. As the crime unfolds, Parker digs deep into the femme fatale’s crime of presumable passion. However, Parker quickly realizes that the crime everyone assumed was perpetrated by a scorned lover was actually brought on by the Mexican drug cartel. The seven remaining episodes of the first season most likely will follow the same pattern of Parker trying to find why women commit such heinous crimes.

Truly, I was unimpressed with the first episode. It hardly kept my attention, was really predictable at times and was neither realistic nor relatable. I’ll keep watching “AHS: Coven” and even reruns of “Desperate Housewives” to keep away from “Killer Women,” as it couldn’t even kill my boredom. If you want to have your own opinion, you can check it out on ABC every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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