New fitness center could define the semester

Kudos is definitely in order. The construction, planning and logistics of the new fitness center on campus proved to be successful.

At the end of the current seniors’ sophomore year, the plans were drawn up. On Monday at noon, when it opened, it was beyond many students’ expectations.

The screens on the machines have TVs or images of different courses. There are built-in chargers for iPhones (up to 4S) and Androids. There’s even an app that allows you to track your workouts. The exercise machines are top-of-the line equipment.

With all great things, however, come critics.

One issue some students have expressed is that there are no bench or squat racks. The fitness center has Smith Machines that can be used to bench or squat.

A second concern from students is that they feel it’s weird that people from the outside can see people working out.

What’s the difference between someone on the outside looking in at you to having a whole gym full of people seeing you working out? It shouldn’t be that awkward if a passerby looks into a beautiful fitness center, and by chance, looks at you. Feel good for working out in the first place!

Perhaps the best thing about this fitness center is the message the school is sending to the students. This fitness center will now encourage more students to work out in their free time.

Author: Editorial Board

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