Drama increases as ‘The Carrie Diaries’ reaches season midpoint

Romantic sparks are flying high and ceasing just as rapidly. The fashion is hot. The drama is heightened, but surprisingly the hair hasn’t. Season two of “The Carrie Diaries” is just what fans are looking for.

Perhaps the biggest news so far this year is that Carrie is given the opportunity for a promotion from being Larissa’s barista to a writer. Carrie ambitiously pitches the idea to do a piece on Adam Weaver, the playwright known to value his privacy.

Carrie lands an interview after she impresses Weaver with her understanding of his play, notably laughing during a scene misinterpreted by most as somber. During the interview, privacy boundaries are crossed-not only does Weaver share personal information, but he also shares a kiss with Carrie.

Still heartbroken, Carrie falls for Weaver along with everyone watching. However, his charm soon turns into cynical criticism. Bye-bye Weaver, hello Sebastian!

Carrie is not the only one with relationship issues this season. Mr. Bradshaw and his girlfriend are driven apart by their children, and Mouse and West break up over Mouse being accepted into Harvard.

Viewers were also treated to many OMG moments. Maggie is pregnant, but the baby is lost in an emergency surgery. We also finally see a true father-daughter bond between Maggie and her father when she tells him that Simon is the father.

Rather than coming together, Walt’s family is breaking apart – his homosexuality is found out and he’s kicked out. As holders of his secret, the audience can’t help but sympathize with him.

Finally, this season viewers are able to make connections to the mother series “Sex and the City.” Carrie makes a new friend during her summer in the city, and it’s none other than Samantha Jones. She is as scandalous as ever, although she is yet to reach her fashion peak.

We also witness Carrie come up with the idea which will later birth her appraised column, although it thus far hasn’t made it passed the type writer and the waste basket. Yes, indeed, Carrie discovered that sex is her topic, although she stifled her interest due to criticism from the bitter Weaver.

For future episodes, I predict Carrie and Sebastian will have a bumpy ride as he moves away. It may not be smooth sailing in Mouse’s house either, as other acceptance letters may get her wondering. As for Carrie, things in her home have settled down, but maybe not for long.

This season calls for a round of applause-80s style.

Michelle Foti can be reached at michelle.foti@student.shu.edu.

Author: Michelle Foti

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