Beyonce’s shocking new album features quality material

With no warning to the public whatsoever, Beyonc?©’s fifth album “Beyonc?©” was released Dec. 13 exclusively on iTunes, later hitting stores. The new music is not only revolutionary for the unprecedented method of its release, it also shows the singer’s strengths, her personality and her growth as an artist. Even more unique, Beyonc?© released the 14-song track list with an accompanying video for each song that helps show what message she was trying to capture.

The lead single “Drunk in Love,” which features Jay Z, has an R&B feel to it that draws listeners in with a different, foreign rhythm. The beat carried throughout the song incorporates snaps and different patterns. Her lyrics are also strong on this single, allowing her to demonstrate her vocal range on the chorus.

In “Pretty Hurts,” Beyonc?© describes the life of beauty pageants and her need to look the best regardless of how she particularly feels that day. The song shows listeners it is okay to have flaws because Beyonc?© has them too.

The tracks “Blow” and “Rocket,” which were co-written by Justin Timberlake, are sure to become fan favorites because of strong instrumentals and Beyonc?©’s strong but soft lyrics and voice.

Beyonc?© ends the album on a strong note with “Blue.” As the title indicates, the track is dedicated to her young daughter Blue Ivy, whose voice is actually featured in the song. What makes the song especially significant is the fact that it’s the first time Beyonc?© has addressed her new family and the love she feels for them through music.

Overall, this album has many great aspects and really showcases Beyonc?©’s life as a whole. With strong vocals and great messages, it is a must-have for fans of the renowned artist.

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