Fox’s new sci-fi show offers something for everyone

I’m not one for sci-fi themed anything, but there’s something about “Almost Human” that might have changed my mind. “Almost Human” kicked off Sunday, Nov. 17thwith a pilot and with the second episode airing the very next day.

The premise of “Almost Human” follows Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban, known for his work on the latest Star Trek movies). Kennex isn’t the most appealing character as he is a forlorn pill popper fixated on past love and hating his life with his new robotic leg. With the severity of the crimes and the rising crime rates, each living police officer is assigned an android for protection and backup. Kennex isn’t keen to his current emotionless model, who he bashes horribly. To his dismay, he is later partnered with Dorian (starring Michael Ealy of Seven Pounds), another android with a twist — Dorian is capable of having emotions, which is the reason why he was decommissioned prior to his assignment to Kennex. Will Dorian’s emotional capability hurt or help Kennex?

The two-night premiere focused on the first assignment Kennex and Dorian are handed. They must investigate a robbery/kidnapping/terrorism plot brought on by criminal organization The Syndicate. It’s clear in the premiers Dorian is a commodity that Kennex needs to protect. Will this duo establish a friendship? You have to stay tuned to find out.

Enjoy it for what it’s worth. I like the entertainment value and plot, but the question on my mind is just how long can this play out before the plot runs dry? How long will it take for Michael Ealy to begin to age enough for viewers to notice he is not truly an android? Tune in and see if it’s worth your time. It’s on Fox every Monday at 8 p.m.

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