Intern rubs elbows with celebrities

Emily Yates does the same work as the any typical intern; she files paperwork, runs around town picking up papers, and has coffee runs… for Sting.

Yates, a senior broadcasting major, is currently at Telsey & Co., a casting agency that has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and London. From September to December, Yates works in the New York City office three days a week doing administrative work.

Yates has been present for auditions for major television and Broadway productions, including the popular Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” She has seen celebrities such as Carrie Underwood and The Police front man.

Currently, the agency is casting a musical based on Sting’s book, which will be directed by Joe Mantello, of “Wicked” fame, as well as choreographed by the choreographer from “Once.”

Yates said one of her most exciting memories was watching the dancers who were auditioning explore their own “unique dance styles.”

The agency also is casting a highly anticipated Disney feature film and she recently spotted a famous actor who will be in an upcoming Marvel movie.

She thinks nothing of rubbing elbows with some big names. “Being there so often, I get immune to it all,” she said.

According to Yates, the entire casting process is very confidential. The scripts, which are modified versions of the official scripts, are printed on red paper and put in manila envelopes.

After each audition, she has to shred them so they don’t get leaked.

Yates will attend the Casting Society of America’s awards night, helping hand out awards.

She said some of the biggest names in production will be there.

Yates said she is exploring possible careers through the internship. Although she doesn’t want to be a casting director, she does want to be some sort of middleman for the director and the playwright.

She found out about the internship through the Seton Hall University Career Center.

Yates applied on a whim, and after a few months of waiting, was interviewed. She found out she got the internship the next day. She said: “Advice for interns: Go on Navigator!”

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