Alpha Sig wins 2013 Intramural Football Championship

Alpha Sig defeated Sigma Pi 38- 18 last week to win the 2013 Intramural NCAA Division 1 Football Championship.

Three members of the team, seniors Mark Caruso, A.J. Hellman, and sophomore John Simeone, all agreed they realized this team was special from the very beginning.

“We realized we were good enough to win before the season started when we were ranked sixth,” Caruso said. “We knew how many weapons we had and knew we had a lot of good kids.”

A main focus for the team for this year was to improve off of last year.

“Last year we surprised a lot of kids, we even upset Zeta Psi,” Hell- man said. “We knew we had a lot of athletic kids but didn’t really know it could turn out this way.”

Hellman added he knew the team would be adding some talent going into this season, however, he admitted he wasn’t so sure just how much talent would be coming Alpha Sig’s way.

As a unit, the team was able to seal the deal in the end, despite being underdogs to Sigma Pi in the championship game.

“Our best game of the season was the championship game,” Simeone said. “They favored Sig Pi over us and we came out, played great defense, controlled the offense and overall played a great game.”

There is no doubt in Caruso and Hellman’s minds that intramurals have come a long way since their freshman years three years ago.

“I think they’ve (Intramural sports) improved,” Hellman said. “I actually played on the Alpha Sig team my freshman year and we actually won it all that year, so I wanted to win it again this year. I really enjoyed all the rankings and the comments after the game. I thought that was really realistic.”

Barring Hellman and/or Caruso attending graduate school, this intramural season was their last. However, they both see the poten- tial that the Alpha Sig team can have in the future.

“I just know the team is going to be good for a long time,” Hellman said.

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Author: David Heim

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