About Time’ isn’t just about time

If you could fix all your problems with time travel, would you? What if it came at a price? From writer and director Richard Curtis comes the rom-com-drama “About Time.”

Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) is an awkward, lanky 21-year-old redhead. Despite many efforts, Tim isn’t a smooth operator with the ladies as seen by a disastrous New Year’s Eve. The next morning, Tim’s father James (Bill Nighy) sits Tim aside to tell him the family secret. To Tim’s astonishment, James informs him that all the men in the family have the ability to time travel.

Naturally, Tim is instantly dumbfounded and doubts his father, yet he still wants to know how to travel. James advises his son to enter a dark space, close his eyes, clench his fists tight and envision the exact moment he wants to travel. James also cautions Tim about time travel limits. He can only travel through his record of time, and everything comes with a price. Tim’s plan of action: Get a girlfriend.

After a failed summer fling not even time travel could correct, Tim is broken hearted, but he jumpstarts his career as a lawyer and goes on a double blind date with his friend Jay (Will Merrick). Here, Tim meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) and is instantaneously smitten. The attraction is strong, and Tim’s mission quickly changes from getting a girlfriend to setting his sights on Mary as his soul mate. Tim is willing to do anything to have a comfortable and euphoric life with Mary.

They eventually get married and have two children, yet Tim constantly travels in time to tinker with in his life. But Mary wishes for an “insurance baby.” Tim is aware if he agrees to have a third baby, he will no longer be able to time travel to spend moments with his cancer-stricken father. Would you be able to sacrifice your happiness if it brought joy to others?

The acting and casting are beyond superb. Curtis does this story justice. It’s a wonderful, tear-jerking story with a multi-faceted plot. “About Time” will keep you entertained and having you pondering the many questions of life. See this movie, maybe with that special someone.

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Author: Staff Writer

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