Notary service available at HR

Students can now get legal documents notarized on campus at the Human Resources office.

According to Diane Russo, an employment specialist, this service is available to everyone in the Seton Hall University community. Russo was formally sworn in by Essex County as the official notary on campus.

According to Russo, in order to get a document notarized, the student or employee simply has to sign the document in Russo’s presence, as well as bring the proper photo identification. Typically, there is a small fee in order to get a document notarized. However, the notarization process is free through Human Resource.

Graduate student Steve Demaio said he thinks that adding this benefit to the campus is a good thing.

“This is where we spend most of our time,” Demaio said. “I think it is good that they are trying to work with college students.”

Kristen Drake, a sophomore, agreed. “I would use it because it would be easier to have something notarized during the school year on campus than going off campus,” she said.

According to The National Notary Association’s webpage, notarization is the process “that renders the important documents of everyday life as trustworthy.” Notarization can help prevent the forgery and “coerced and incompetent signings” of important documents. These documents can include deeds and court documents.

Copies of official documents, such as college degrees, passports and other important one-and-only personal papers also can be notarized to certify that they are legitimate.

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