Chilly weather leaves students cold

As the weather gets colder, students report spending more time in their rooms and skip classes more frequently.

Students interviewed said that they are not fans of colder weather and have changed daily routine as a result.

“I hate the cold and definitely try to stay inside as much as possible,” senior Ibukun Adedeji said.

Sophomore Henry Flores said he does not enjoy the change of season. “I’m not liking it at all,” he said. “I haven’t missed any class because of the weather yet, but snow has given me an issue in the past.”

The weather also takes a toll on schoolwork. Students pass on going to the library and prefer to study in a residential lounge instead.

“I can’t afford to miss class or work, but at night I don’t even want to go to the library because it’s dark and cold, so I’ll just stay in my room,” senior T’Shayla Thorpe said.

Psychology professor Dr. Paige Fisher explained that the changes seen in students due to the weather can possibly be explained by a psychological disorder called seasonal affective disorder. In some people, the shorter days can cause symptoms of depression.

Although it is rare, decreased exposure to sunlight can cause people to experience clinical depression.

“A person can be so affected by the weather that they can’t even get out of bed,” Fisher said. “It’s a little sad when you walk outside at 5 p.m. and it’s already dark out.”

She said individuals experiencing SAD can sit in front of a UV light.

Being exposed to a high dosage of light is the easiest way to change a person’s mood and lift their spirits.

It is more difficult for those who are experiencing a winter in the Northeast for the first time. Junior Emily Feldman is from Florida. “Even though I’m excited to see snow, I hate the cold and cannot wait to go back home for Thanksgiving,” she said. “I’m always checking the weather. I’m lucky that I came here with warm winter coats.”

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