Vegas’ is a mediocre ‘Hangover’ for older demographic

“It’s going to be legendary,” isn’t a tagline I would use to describe Jon Tureltaub’s “Last Vegas,” which made its U.S. debut Nov. 1. “Last Vegas” is the older generation’s spin-off of “The Hangover” trilogy, but with an Academy award-winning cast.

With this in mind, you should already know the basics of the “Last Vegas” plot, but it lacks the apparent conundrum that every “Hangover” movie includes.

The storyline follows four 60-something childhood friends who are en route to Sin City. The group’s sworn bachelor, Billy, played by Michael Douglas, finally pops the question to his very young girlfriend. Therefore, a major celebration is about to commence. The four approach Las Vegas with one idea: To abandon their mundane lifestyles and relive the glory days.

With Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Douglas in the principal roles, it’s hard not to like the movie, but again “Last Vegas'” target audience is college students.

This movie is geared toward their parents and/or grandparents who enjoy jokes that would miss more than hit with the younger generation.

It’s great to see De Niro, Freeman, Kline, Douglas and Mary Steenburgen act in a movie that embraces the activities of the 20-something age group, but at an older age. We see sides of these actors we may not be used to. Steenburgen shines in this movie, even at age 60, and Freeman shows he still can move on the dance floor. The principals all together are just funny.

No one will put “Last Vegas” at the top of their must-watch films. While you can’t expect the nonstop laugh riot “The Hangover” delivers, you can get a relaxed and breathable comedy. Warning: Don’t see this with your parents if they can’t laugh off mediocre sex jokes.

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