Super Fun Night’ is a super fail

“Super Fun Night” premiered on ABC on Oct. 2 starring “Bridesmaids” and “Pitch Perfect’s” Rebel Wilson. The show’s pilot episode was rewritten after critics who saw the original argued it had a lack of fun and was not pleasant. It was totally reworked to become the episode aired on Oct. 2. The show follows three friends, Kimmie Boubier, played by Wilson, Helen Allison, played by Liza Lapira, and Marika, played by Lauren Ash. All three have lived sheltered lives, scared of the world but finally decide to take on the real world and face their fears, which include singing in public.

This premiere solely focuses on Wilson’s character, Kimmie, who has an American accent and gets picked on constantly at her job and by others. She has had fears of singing in public since she was young because people made fun of her and taunted her before she went on stage. Now that she has a successful job as a lawyer and was just promoted, her friends dared Kimmie to face her fears and sing in front of an audience at a local piano restaurant.

Wilson’s character has a love interest, Richard Royce, played by Kevin Bishop, and an enemy, Kendall, played by Kate Jenkinson.

Richard and Kendall both show up to the restaurant to show support for Kimmie but Kendall decides to show her vocals off and scare Kimmie into not wanting to perform. By the end of the show, Kimmie faces her fears and sings that she will do “anything for love.”

Although Kendall wins the trophy, Kimmie’s super fun night still turned out as the usual girls’ night with staying in and pizza. This concept and scenario makes the show sound and look clich?© to viewers with the stereotypical plot and scenario.

Though the show is well written, the actors make it dysfunctional, clich?© and hard to watch at points because of mixed personalities, particularly Wilson’s character. “Super Fun Night” has the potential of being a hit sitcom, but the creators need to make it more about the show than making fun of Wilson’s character.

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