It Goes’ well for Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett’s new album, “It Goes like This,” released on Oct. 29, is finally showing who the singer was behind his hit single that has been out for months.

This country star created a name for himself with the help of his father, a country singer in the 1990s who topped the charts as well. Rhett co-wrote the 12 songs with the help of other big-name country singers such as Jason Aldean, and Rhett’s father is credited in co-writing five songs on “It Goes like This.”

The album plays to Rhett’s vocal strengths and has a classic country tone, with some rock and electric mixed in, pleasing fans.

The opening song, “Whatcha Got in that Cup,” is a strong start to the album. The electronic and hip hop sounds made this song stand out. It almost has an ’80s feel with country guitars as well as providing a different sound. Other songs on the album that showcase the same style are “In A Minute,” “Front Porch Junkies” and “Sorry For Partying.”

Title track and first single “It Goes like This” has a beat that fans will snap and clap to and is fast-paced. This song was the first created on the album and is the most downloaded track, promoting the rest of the album. The title track helped Rhett decide what direction he wanted to take with his newest album.

“Beer with Jesus” is the song that stands out the most because of its playful, calming acoustic guitar and no filler noises of rock or hip hop. The lyrics talk about sitting down with Jesus, if you could, and asking any question about life. The song illustrates Rhett’s vision and hope.

Country fans who not mind that country stars are adding the sounds of different genres to their music will enjoy this album. However, longtime fans who want a calm, relaxing guitar sounds may find this album too much at once.

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