Students follow childhood dreams

College can be the first step toward realizing childhood aspirations. Three students are dreaming big at Seton Hall.

Senior Kevin Gilligan, a communication major with a specialty in television production, knew from an early age what he ultimately wanted to do in his professional life.

“I always had some interest in TV, watching anything I could as a child, even if I could not understand what was happening in front of me,” Gilligan said. “As I grew older, I started to wonder what goes on behind the scenes.”

Gilligan said his goal is to be a live television producer and that his time at Seton Hall, along with the connections he has made, are helping prepare him for a career in television.

“No matter how many times the cast and crew have practiced, the rush of producing live television is always great,” Gilligan added.

Like Gilligan, junior Hil Boyce has always had a fascination with the entertainment industry. As a broadcast major, Boyce has gotten involved working at WSOU, the university’s student-run radio station, as well as getting his feet wet at other media outlets. Boyce’s professional dreams are driven by his passion for sports.

“My absolute goal is to have my own television talk show, and it wouldn’t have to be solely about sports, but that’s definitely where I want to start my career,” Boyce said.

“It’s a lofty goal, but I believe I can do it.”

Boyce said that Seton Hall has helped him discover more about himself and dreams, and that it is imperative to find one’s identity before one goes off into the real world.

Nida Ansari, although just a sophomore, is well on her way to making her childhood dreams come true while attending Seton Hall. Since age 4, it has been Ansari’s dream to pursue a career as a doctor, so she chose to major in biochemistry.

“I loved going to the doctor as a child, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do one day,” Ansari said.

Ansari said that by working in a biochemistry research lab, she is starting to see her childhood ambition come to fruition.

Childhood dreams often become an afterthought at some point in life, but these students have taken steps to make their dreams come true.

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