SHU hidden talents

Everyone has a little trick or unique thing they can do that no one else knows about. Even if it’s something that isn’t necessarily unique in itself, it can still be a hidden talent. Here are some talents we’ve uncovered on campus.


Priscilla Diaz, Junior

-Can put a quarter in her neck

Patrick Pereira, Sophomore

-When he snaps, sometimes he teleports

Deanna Iovine, Sophomore

-Plays the piano

Dylan Waligroski, Sophomore

-Does film photography

Peter Cifaratta, Sophomore


Mariah Haskell, Sophomore

-Whistles with hands

Tamar Purut, Senior

-Helium voice

Jalen Hemphill, Sophomore

-Knows four languages

Matt Ullrich, Junior


Allyson Rudd, Sophomore

-Studying Chinese

Nestor Almeida


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Author: Samantha Giedris

Samantha Giedris is a senior journalism major with minors in political science and women and gender studies. She is currently the Managing Editor of The Setonian and a member of Alpha Phi Fraternity. In the past year, she has interned at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Birchbox. Samantha can be reached at

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