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With parking woes creating major congestion on campus, some students are taking advantage of other modes of transportation, including riding bikes to campus.

In March, Parking Services implemented a bike permit system which allows students to park their bikes on campus. The permits are free and do not expire.

According to Parking Services Manager Ann Szipszky, “This was done for tracking purposes, so the university was aware of the students leaving bikes on campus.”

Szipszky said that last semester, Parking Services gave out 24 parking permits. However, this semester, an additional 73 were issued.

Commuter Joy Nuzzi said one of the reasons she relies on her bike for her daily commute to campus is to avoid parking issues.

“It would take too long to drive because I’m only three blocks away and there’s a light, plus parking would take forever to find,” Nuzzi said.

She added that riding her bike is also a more cost efficient alternative.

“I did not want to pay for a parking permit,” Nuzzi said. “The bike permit is free and only takes 10 minutes of your time.”

Graduate student Christopher Darby said he believes that riding his bike to campus is “faster and safer.”

According to Darby, “The string of robberies lately provides even more evidence that speed to and from my domicile are of importance.”

Although the commute is easier, Darby and Nuzzi said they worry about having their bike stolen.

Nuzzi said: “I worry about my bike being stolen but I do have the permit sticker on it. So if anybody was to steal it, I could prove that it was my bike if I saw them riding it.”

However, Nuzzi said one reason for her fear of having her bike stolen is because she has neglected to purchase a bike lock.

“I worry about my bike being stolen, but mostly by outsiders,” Darby said. “I have purchased a lock to try and avoid this, but security lets nearly anyone on to campus.”

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