Carrie’ remake does original justice

The latest remake of Stephen King’s famed horror classic “Carrie”hit the theaters Oct. 18. Chlo? Grace Moretz shines as the titular role of Carrie White, paying wonderful homage to the original Carrie, Sissy Spacek. Starring as Carrie White’s religious fanatic mother, Margaret, is prolific redhead Julianne Moore, who also does justice to the role Piper Laurie created in the 1976 film.

If you aren’t aware of what I’m talking about, you surely missed out on a classic. But do not be afraid, this remake is almost as good as the original and will surely dazzle you with action the 1976 version could not.

Stephen King’s horror story follows a shy, unpopular Carrie White, who is constantly bullied and berated either at school by her peers or at home by her fanatically religious mother. With mean girl Chris Hargensen, reprised by actress Portia Doubleday in the remake, and her band of just as cruel girls, Carrie is the center of every joke and humiliation ploy the girls can drum up.

In the opening credits, the girls in the locker room torture Carrie as she discovers she is experiencing her first menstruation and thinks she is bleeding to death. The girls throw tampons on her, screaming, laughing and capturing the event on their smartphones. Carrie is quickly comforted by her gym teacher Rita Desjardin (Judy Greer of Jawbreakers) and taken home early by her mother, who believes Carrie’s period is a sin and quickly locks Carrie in her “prayer closet” upon arrival.

As Carrie pleads and screams to be released from the small space, she makes a crack in the door, surprising both her and her mother. Carrie then realizes she has telekinetic powers.

As the story continues, it is predictable at best. The group of girls who humiliated Carrie in the beginning of the movie are punished for their actions by Miss Desjardin with a week’s worth of detention, minus Chris, who refused the detention because of her “innocence” and then receives a three-day suspension alongside a ban from prom.

Chris’ anger leads her to concoct a malicious plan involving a bucket of pig’s blood and a bid for Carrie to win prom queen, whereas Sue Snell, who is unaware of Chris’s plan for vengeance, feels guilt for hurting Carrie and asks her popular and athletic boyfriend Tommy Ross to invite Carrie to the dance so she can finally have the good time she deserves.

If you appreciated the classic, I’m sure you will enjoy the updated adaptation as “Carrie”breathes a fresh perspective of new age cinematography and popular faces. Despite getting mixed reviews from critics in comparison with the highly rated original, Moretz and Moore do a wonderful job with their characters. If you need to get into the Halloween spirit, I suggest checking out “Carrie”at your local theater and if you have the time, check out the original version, too.

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