Temporary IDs do not allow for meal swipes

Students who are issued temporary IDs after 5 p.m. cannot use them to swipe into the Caf for meals, and some students say this has created a hardship for them.

According to Campus ID Office Manager Ibiyemi Adesanya, Public Safety and Security only has access to Lenel, which is one of the two systems students’ ID cards use on campus. Lenel allows students to swipe into buildings. Because swiping into the caf is covered under Blackboard transactions, not Lenel, students cannot gain entrance to the caf until the next day, after they go to the Campus ID Office.

“Most of the time, students either need a temporary ID because they know where their ID is or it’s past 5 p.m. and Duffy is closed,” Adesanya said. “If students think they have permanently lost their IDs, they should go to Blackboard and deactivate their ID card so if it is found, no one can use it.”

Adesanya advises students with temporary IDs who need access to the Caf to have friends swipe them.

After losing his student ID card around 5 p.m., junior Jeff Ehalt picked up a temporary ID from Public Safety.

“I live off campus, so instead of swiping into the caf, I had to walk all the way back to my house to get food. I just don’t think it’s right to pay $20 for a temporary ID card only to have no meal plan,” Ehalt said.

Like Ehalt, sophomore Jazmine Robles had gotten her temporary ID from Public Safety and could not get into to the caf.

“I used someone’s guest swipe one time,” Robles said. “Since I couldn’t eat, that encouraged me to get a new ID faster.”

Sophomore Alex Danback, who has lost her ID multiple times, said “Sometimes it (temporary ID) worked and other times it didn’t. It was spotty.”

According to Danback, she had a very positive experience with the Campus ID Office.

She said when she lost her ID, her friend found it, so instead of having to pay additional fees to keep the temporary ID, she only had to pay for the first week.

Rachel Hassett can be reached at rachel. hassett@student.shu.edu.

Author: Rachel Hassett

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