Students gain more than cash at work-study jobs

Seton Hall work-study students will be the first to say they work because they need the money for school, but their jobs offer other benefits as well.

Senior Kathryn Hudson looks at her work study-experience as a way to develop time management skills, which are valuable in post-grad life.

“I think having a job actually makes me a better student,” Hudson said. “It forces me to manage my time more efficiently than if I did not have to balance work and school.”

Hudson added that having a job on top of school can sometimes interfere with her social life, but on the other hand, not earning money through work would make a social life even tougher.

Despite the extra hours of work added to their weekly academic schedule, some student workers say that their grades have not suffered from holding a job. In fact, senior Matthew Mahoney said that his work-study employment has improved his academic performance.

“If anything, having a job has helped my grades,” Mahoney said. “When there is down time, I can catch up on class readings and homework.”

Senior Scott Kuzmicki credits his organizational mentality to being a student worker juggling class and work.

“It’s about organizing what I need done for school first before beginning work,” he said. “I have a more responsible outlook, which I am grateful for, because I need to balance academics, employment and a social life.”

Kuzmicki noted that he has been able to maintain a high GPA since beginning work on campus.

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