Former Pirate shines on talk show

 Since the beginning of the 2011 season, the MLB network has allowed two goofballs to run a program called “Intentional Talk” that mixes insightful analysis of major league headlines and the comedic antics that come with life in, “the show.”

Those two goofballs are veteran broadcaster Chris Rose and former major leaguer and 2004 World Series Champion Kevin Millar.  Millar was always known as a bit of a character in the four clubhouses that he called home during a 12-year career and he now has a medium to show the world all that personality.

Every day on “Intentional Talk,” Rose and Millar welcome a player on to the show to interview them about the team and life in the clubhouse before Millar spits five nonsense questions about nothing in particular out through a hysterical Texas drawl. 

These, “rapid fire,” questions are often in the realm of, “What teammate is the ugliest?” or “Who’s the best cook on the club?” But sometimes they provoke ridiculous antics from their players;  like getting Miami Marlins behemoth outfielder Giancarlo Stanton to dance like Beyonce in the, “Single Ladies,” video.

Last Tuesday afternoon, Millar celebrated his 42nd birthday by welcoming former Seton Hall Pirate and current Pittsburgh Pirates closer Jason Grilli on the program.

The previous night, Grilli’s Bucs, celebrated clinching a playoff berth for the first time since 1992.  Clubhouse celebration stories are exactly the type of thing Rose and Millar like to discuss in these interviews.

“Alright congrats, who got the least amount of sleep last night on the team?” Rose asked immediately, glancing over any type of formal greeting with the Seton Hall alum.

These are the type of light and funny interviews that are done on a daily basis and Grilli was not short on entertaining.

The trio got to joke around about a bet Rose had with Grilli, back in early May, where if Grilli broke the single-season saves record of 62 (which he was on pace to do before an injury) Rose would do an episode of “Intentional Talk” wearing a full Pirates uniform.

Then came time for those, “five silly questions,” that Millar likes to ask.  The final two questions asked which type of Pirates (Seton Hall or Pittsburgh) Grilli thought were best in two categories: fans and attractiveness.

Grilli gave the edge to the city of Pittsburgh in the fanatic department but once he finally understood Millar’s second question (“Who’s got the hottest, uhh, Pittsburgh Pirates, or no sorry, who’s got the hottest Pirates, Seton Hall or Pittsburgh?” was Millar’s exact question) he credited his alma mater.

“There were some nice lookin’ ladies back in my day at Seton Hall, so I’m going to have to go back to that, that was some good memories there,” said Grilli.

Although it may be disappointing to hear that the Seton Hall fans don’t carry as big a torch as the city of Pittsburgh, let’s all try and take comfort in being better-looking.

Congratulations to the other Pirates, especially Jason Grilli.

Gerard Gilberto is a senior journalism major from Staten Island, N.Y.  He can be reached at  

Author: Staff Writer

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