Soccer does Ritter justice

After women’s soccer senior forward Katie Ritter takes off her uniform for the last time later this season, she will go down as one of the most accomplished scorers in program history.

Ritter said that coming into her freshman year, she was “that girl” who struggled to adjust to the game, and in a few years has blossomed into a prolific scorer.

Entering the season, Ritter scored 35 points in her career, and her team-leading nine points has moved her up to third most career points in program history.

“I’ve worked so hard to create this image for myself.”

The image Ritter spoke about was that of an “accountable” go-to scorer for the team.

Ritter has scored four goals this season, while the rest of the team has combined to score five.

Her four goals give Ritter a total of 20 for her career, moving her up to third most all time.

“I think accountability comes into play,” Ritter said. “Before you hold other people accountable, you need to hold yourself accountable. Hold myself accountable for my responsibilities in school or with my family and things outside of soccer.”

Beyond the field, Ritter said she is excited for her future, and wants to stay athletic and help the people around her.

“My major is criminal justice, so that is athletic in itself because it’s law enforcement,” Ritter said. “I don’t know if I’m necessarily going to be a police officer, but I’d get to help the community.”

The thing Ritter said she is going to miss most about the game is getting a chance to play against other people.

“I’m going to miss the game itself, and taking people on,” Ritter said. “I love the competitiveness and physicality, like sprinting by people. It’s such a rush of adrenaline. I love all that.”

Ritter said her last game will be “bittersweet” in that she’ll miss the game, her teammates and the responsibility that comes with playing the game, but she does see positives in finishing the season.

“If this is my last time playing soccer. It’ll be nice not having to wake up at 7 a.m. every morning.” she said. “And I’ll get to experience college like normal people do.”

Ritter said that she is “honored” by the chance that she was given, and is thankful for all the things the Hall has given her.

“I was given such a great opportunity to play D-1 soccer and play in the Big East Conference,” she said. “I was very humbled by it.”

Although Ritter is looking forward to her future as a member of law enforcement, she is more than open to playing soccer.

“If soccer does present an opportunity, I’d be more than willing to play that out.”

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