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Seton Hall’s Greek organizations and athletic department are taking a stand against hazing with an entire week dedicated to hazing prevention.

“Hazing isn’t just physical, it’s anything that makes someone feel uncomfortable and that can happen in all organizations,” said McKenna Ronquillo, Alpha Phi’s vice president of marketing.

Hazing prevention week is sponsored by Alpha Phi and is filled with events that are co-sponsored by 11 other organizations including Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Pi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Alpha Chi Rho and athletic organizations.

Wednesday’s hazing prevention workshop brought in guest speaker Robert Kuttner to speak on the le- gal consequences of hazing, along with consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.

Thursday’s event is co-sponsored by the student-athlete advisory committee, “Hearts against Hazing.” Red dress pins will be sold outside the cafeteria to fundraise for women’s heart health and to raise awareness for the prevention of hazing.

The week will come to a close with Friday’s free-throw tournament, “Hoops Against Hazing.”

However, last Thursday, Greek organization representatives met last for a panel discussion hosted by Alpha Sigma Tau called “Why We Don’t Haze.”

“It was a way for Greek organizations to showcase who they are,” said Kimberly Topel, Alpha Sigma Tau president. “It was a way to show students who are interested that Greek organizations don’t haze.”

Following Sunday’s kickoff was “Hands against Hazing,” where participants took the pledge against hazing by tracing their handprint on a banner.

Tuesday’s “Hues Against Hazing,” co-sponsored by Chi Upsilon Sigma, had the campus filled with students wearing purple in support for hazing prevention.

“I feel like anyone who is interested in Greek life shouldn’t be afraid to come out and join,” said Joseph Lisella, president of co-sponsoring fraternity Phi Kappa Theta.

Ronquillo said the hope is to get the word out that hazing is unnecessary and wrong and to prevent it from happening.

“The whole week is a highlight, really, and a true testament to not only my organization’s commitment to hazing prevention but all of Greek life and Athletics as well,” Ronquillo said, “Together we hope to move past the negative behaviors of hazing.”

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